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The girl’s big brother and his father go to the palace to search justice but they are killed.

· FS 280-281: Eddard Stark, which is the death of his father and his brother, the EDDARD Stark North’s Sancak Gentlemen. Lyanna’s fiance and storm nose lord Robert Baratheon gathers the storm of storms. The fact that both of them are the largest of the valley Jon Arryn makes the same. The river is married with Eddard because the daughter of Lort Hoster Tully is Catelyn, as the fiancé Brandon died. The second girl is married to Lysa da Jon Arryn. The triple alliance behind Robert is strengthened. Robert brothers Stannis to protect Baratheon’s main dormitory from Tyrell siege.

The King Aerys who realized that the uprising is successful in the King Aerys and the pregnant wife to the castle, the fortress to the Dragon Rock.

When he died Rhaegar, Lort Tywin decides which way to join. Helping the king opens the gates of the capital with its excuse, instead of ruthless loot. The son of Jaime kills the king.

o Queen Rhaella daughter in Dragon Rock gives birth to Daenerys. A very violent storm during the birth shatter the Targaryen Navy remaining. The king’s children are kidnapped to free cities and remain exile.

o Robert Baratheon, a remote blood bond with Targarynens, becomes king to seven kingdoms. Marries with Cersei Lannister to secure the Lannister-Baratheon alliance.

§ The dating of some events has been different in the TV series and books. The year he started the array passes as FS 298 and describes one year every season. Due to the censorship reasons, some characters have been enlarged as some of the characters were also accepted as two years after the same reasons started the books that the book begins.

· FS 281: In the last months of the war Robb Stark is born. At the end of the same year, Eddard returns from the south with a baby in the arms. He tells his son out of wedlock, it doesn’t give details. Jon Baby takes the surname of the Snow that the nobles take out of wedlocks.

· FS 289: Greyjoy rebellion à Lort balloon Greyjoy starts the uprising by entering the search for independence. Several months, the cattle lasts after a battle, the only son of the Balloon delivers the Eon as the exclusive and protection. After the following spring starts a ten-year summer, this is the longest print in history.

· FS 297: Pento Judge Illyrio Mopatis invites Viserys and Daenerys Targaryen to live under their roof.

· FS 298: The year when the first season has passed. Jon Arryn dies, instead Eddard Stark becomes the King Eli. It is revealed that the three children of Cersei are born with their twin. In the hunt the hunt, the King Robert dies to the King Robert, which has been drunk on the Obstelior Cersei to be drunk, instead of the legal son Joffrey King. Eddard is executed as Robert’s sibling plans to seat the brother Stannis. Thus the war of five kings begins.